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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for hakko
Good quality tips and iron casing (barrel). I made the mistake of buying some cheaper (half the price) pack of 10 tips, as advertised by many other traders on AliExpress. They were a disaster, with most tips slipping through my original soldering iron sleeve and they were had poor quality of machining / varying lengths & diameter etc. So I decided to spend a little more and get this 14 pack next, which also came with a replacement iron casing (so I'd expect no tip fitting issues!). I'm very happy to say that not only is the quality and manufacturing consistency visibly much better, the first soldering session shows no tip issues whatsoever and also consistent temperature retention. I definitely recommend these tips, and also warn anyone who is thinking of buying the cheaper 10 packs, to save yourself some grief (and wasted money) and just get these ones! :-)
Turned up super-quick. Haven't had much of a play with it yet, but was packaged well, and seems to heat up super quick. Hopefully will have a chance to use it properly in next few weeks.