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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for hcgwork
I have a Honda Grom clone (Vader 125) and need to use some M10 spacers to mount. However for if you have the Honda Grom. This shock has 3 different adjustments: pre-load, rebound, and compression. I can definitely tell a difference when the KEOGHS rear shock verses the stock. There were a few minor issues. 1. The spring does not fit true center and may rub the round reservoir. 2. This shock is slightly longer than the OEM shock. The specs do mention this in the picture that this shock is longer. Not really bad, but it does raise the rear up about an inch or so after installing. 3. The paint used on the spring is soft and chip easy. Just laying the shock on the ground as I was installing it scratched up the yellow paint. Not an issue, but just be aware not to leave the spring on the ground. Overall I am very pleased with this shock. I would buy again and would recommend it to anyone who wants to save a few hundred dollars over the name brand O shock :)
Good quality screws for brake discs. Seller sent only 10 (instead of 20), but admitted his mistake and sent me again those 10 screws which missed. Thank you, I recommend this seller!
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