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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for hdmi a rca
I have a Blu-ray player, but it won't play my Region 2 DVDs (bought in Europe, not available in the US). The Lonpoo DVD player works great for the Region 2 DVDs! It comes with an RCA Video/Audio cable, so that's what I used. It also has HDMI output, but I didn't have a spare HDMI cable available, so I haven't tried that yet. Quick shipping, well packaged, excellent value!
I appreciate that this device was available and I could obtain it. Shipping from China is excessively long (items seem to sit forever in Shenzen - Chinese customs maybe?). I'm spoiled and unrealistic and am used to one day and two day deliveries. And I guess warehousing products in the US or Europe would add considerably to their costs.
When I plugged-in the power adapter, there was no activity on the NVR. I tried to locate the problem and ended up identifying that the US plug power cable is faulty. After I replaced the cable with a working one, the NVR powered-up and functioned properly. Overall, it was OK for me since the NVR unit itself is functional. However, I expect that an item as simple as an AC cable should have been tested before it got shipped. I think the AC cable was just thrown-in the box without testing. I was about to ask to get the whole power supply replaced but since it's only the AC cable that's faulty, I have a lot of them that I can just swap-out.