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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for hdmi untuk otg
Received today, took about 20 days to Portugal.The package was ok, the products all according to the description, Very satisfied with the products. Waiting for a normal android OS, because this one doesn´t have play store and we cannot take full advantage of this board. Please update the Android OS A.S.A.P.
Transaction was ok, as usual. But product is not ok. I don't know if is too much new, but there's not a good support. Ubuntu has HDMI issues, Android works with issues. CPU is hot (65 degrees) in idle with a "double sized heat sink". Case don't helps in this, is better use opi without box for thermal reasons. I will try with a "very huge" heat sink. Hope appears a good Ubuntu in near future...
Orange Pi came exactly as described. Smaller than I expected which is great. Please note, you WILL need the 5v 3amp power supply as it will not boot at all on anything less.