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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for high waist skirt women
My sizes are 73 waist and 97 hips, it's a bit loose but I would'nt say it's much too big or anything. But they are very strechy so I might try an M to get a somewhat tighter fit.
This was by far the quickest delivery time out of anything I've ever purchased off of Aliexpress... arrived within a week instead of a month! Very soft, great material. Stretchy, comfortable, good quality, would recommend!
I Love it sooooooooo muchhhh!!!! i am a tall person but i have a slim figure so i chose size xs and it fits perfect i thought that the height would be a problem but it is not too short for a taller person, one side of my skirt was sewed really weird on the shorts but i dont mind that. its a bit see through but overall is it a pretty great skirt!