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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for manusia
The shipping was fast ! The hair looks good , I will let you guys know how the hair will look and feel in 4 weeks ...from now I will just give 4 stars !!
Very satisfied with the company and the QUALITY of the hair. I received my hair weeks ago, but I am just now able to test the hair out. The company kept me updated on my package and the shipment was very quick, and I think it took about 3 days! I will be purchasing from this hair company again!
Ordered hair Tuesday afternoon and it was in AL Thursday afternoon. I ordered four bundles and a closure at an affordable price. The hair is immaculate thus far. It curled nicely but due to me not doing my curls right, they fell by the end if the day (so curl tightly if you want to keep a curl). Minimum shedding, no smell, and it’s tangle free (and I mean literally!). My closure is constructed nicely and I only used about 3 bundles plus my closure to get a full style. I will try to make another review if I decide to dye it. 16closure,18,20,22,24
This is one of the better hair companies I’ve ordered from! The hair was full of life and didn’t smell bad, I didn’t have all that shedding that I’ve had before from other companies AND when I dyed the hair the color turned out beautiful and I didn’t lose the loose wave texture!! I’ve had the hair for about a month now and it’s been holding up really well. I’m very impressed.I have the pictures of the hair colored w/o & w/flash. I had ordered 20,20,18,16 and a 14inch closure.
love love love!! this hair was amazing. It marches my natural hair so well. it came very fast and the vendor communicate fast as well. I will definetly buy again!! the picture does it no justice. I got so many compliments!