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Cat Kuku

Kuku Stamping Bahasa Polandia 1 Botol Cat Kuku Stamp Bahasa Polandia untuk Stamping Template Piring Kuku Seni 41 Warna Kuku Pernis Pernis

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US $2.28 - 3.18

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I bought nine different colors of these stamping polishes. These were not only at a good price, but they include a brush applicator, as well as an ultra-fine, needle-nose applicator for nail art! The bottles surprised me as they are soft-sided plastic, similar to a bottled water container. This kept them from breaking, but unfortunately, it allows pressure to be put on the polish inside which then rises up through the needle-nose art tip and it leaks out! The caps have a niche in them to hold the tip and I guess to prevent much leaking, However, some polish did build up in there on several of mine. I was able to wipe it off the applicator, but not get it out of the cap. I do think that niche in the cap keeps the tip airtight. The colors are vivid, thick and concentrated, so a little goes a long way. That's a good thing since there is comparatively little in them (but it's fair for the price I paid on sale). This is an honest, helpful seller who has good communication! White is opaque!
Rincian Produk

Spesifik Item

  • Nama Merek: KADS
  • Jumlah: 1
  • Bahan: Polish
  • NET WT: 9.5 ml
  • Nomor Model: TT061
  • Tipe Barang: Nail Polish
  • Product Name: Nail Stamp Polish
  • Type: Nail Lacquer
  • use: Nail Art
  • Nail Polish: Nail Stamp Plate Polish
  • Net Weight: 10g
  • Item Type: Nail Varnish
  • stamping polish: nail stamping polish
  • stamping nail polish: stamp nail polish
  • nails: nail polish
Deskripsi Produk


Stamping Polandia 1 Botol/LOT Nail Polish Stamp Polish Nail Art 31 Warna Opsional Stamping Nail Lacquer Pernis Kuku

-100% Baru-Berat: 9.5ml / 10g

-Warna: 21 warna-Botol: Plastik

-Cat kuku khusus untuk cap seni hias kuku cat dan pencetakan warna.

-Kualitas unggul dan baru barang dagangan.

-Mudah digunakan: Kocok atau aduk sangat baik sebelum digunakan.

-Warna yang menarik/Bahasa Polandia Mengkhususkan Diri Untuk Kuku Cap.


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