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Naik Mobil

Bicicleta Infantil 21st Skuter Flash Wheel Anak 3-12 Tahun Di Luar Ruangan Mainan Bayi Roda Tiga Roda Anak Sepeda Slide Naik pada Mainan

US $57.76
US $97.89 -41%

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Diperiksa oleh Pxxxe (OM)
Just as I expected. My daughter is going to love it. I have kept it nicely as I will be surprising her on her birthday next. The package arrived on time, infact 2 weeks ago and I still have a week for her Birthday to come. The seller is sooo nice, he explained so well. I liked 3 scooters from his store and depending on the age of my girl he suggested the best one, and indeed I must say it is really strong and very good quality item. He also added the safety knee and elbow pads with the package and a decorative fan and little fancy decor. I am just thrilled, cant wait to see my daughter's reaction. I highly recommend this great seller and his amazing quality store. Dear seller thank you so much once again, I will shop again from your store...100 stars for the seller and the store.

How long will it reach to India ( city - pune ) if I order now ?

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Spesifik Item

  • Jumlah Roda: Tiga
  • Bahan: Resin
  • Gaya: Sepeda Motor
  • Dimensi: 56*23*66cm
  • Warning: no
  • Ukuran: 10 inch
  • Kisaran Usia: 2-4 Tahun
  • Kisaran Usia: 5-7 Tahun
  • Kisaran Usia: 8-11 Tahun
  • Kisaran Usia: Berusia> 8 tahun
  • Kisaran Usia: > 6 tahun
  • Kisaran Usia: Old> 3 tahun
  • Gender: Unisex
  • Nomor Model: 1074
  • Sumber Daya: Electric
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  • 5 Bintang 80%
  • 4 Bintang 15%
  • 3 Bintang 5%
  • 2 Bintang 0%
  • 1 Bintang 0%
4.8 / 5

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