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1 PC Camo Mesh Rompi Harness untuk Anjing Adjustable Bernapas Hewan Peliharaan Kucing Tali Rompi Kerah Anjing Memimpin Traksi Sabuk Anjing harness Anjing

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US $1.88 - 3.66

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About 1.5 months for shipping time to Westcoast Canada. Great harness. I ordered a Small and Medium but both are too big for my 6 month old kitten/ cat. The small should fit him in about a month though. The Medium fits my other cat who is a much bigger cat. Love the camo. Both cats didn't mind wearing them on their hikes. The only issues I saw with the harnessess is how heavy duty the straps and clips are. They are very large and quite stiff even on the small harness, so not ideal for smaller more delicate animals that might find them uncomfortable.

for 2-3 month old jack russel puppy, which size have ı choose?

I bought It for a cat.

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Spesifik Item

  • Jenis: Anjing
  • Bahan: 100% Cotton
  • Tipe: Harness
  • Nama Merek: eTya
  • Jenis anjing Harness: Rompi Harness
  • Musim: Semua Musim
  • Fitur: Quick Release
  • Pola Pembukaan: Camo
  • category of the product: Chest belt
  • Can the scale: Sure
  • colour: Black, purple, green, pink
  • Specification (length * width): S, M, L, XL, black traction belt
  • Dog Leash Type: None
  • Collar Type: None
Deskripsi Produk

Mesh Harness ukuran grafik

Traksi sabuk:

Ukuran: 120*2.0 cm

Berat: 48g


  • 5 Bintang 77%
  • 4 Bintang 12%
  • 3 Bintang 5%
  • 2 Bintang 2%
  • 1 Bintang 4%
4.5 / 5