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Gason S4 Tubuh Lemak Skala Lantai Ilmiah Smart Elektronik LED Digital Berat Kamar Mandi Keseimbangan Bluetooth Aplikasi Android atau IOS

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US $51.00 -44%

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Diperiksa oleh Mxxxz (CL)
Arrived in less than 20 days to local post office. Sadly here they took forever to deliver. About the product, the weight is accurate. No problem to sync with the app FeelFit. Works perfectly with Bluetooth. Don't care about the comments saying that there's no instructions or stuff, the user manual is on very simply English that everybody can understand. Just need to follow instructions and it will work. Now the impedance system is not so accurate as I would like, it has differences in 3-5% in just 1 minute lapse between measurements. It says I've 26% fat when I'm sure I'm between 20-22% still it's a great product to have an idea of the fat percentage. It's better to calculate it using skinfold caliper. I've a huge doubt that I wish someone could explain how is possible that it says 2.5kg of bone? when a normal skeleton is like 15kg? I tried on my family and everybody got approx 3kg. I don't understand this. Over all, good product. Totally recommend to buy it, a good scale for home

doest it really give accurate fat percentage and BMI ?

I think so you must compare it with Hi tech device which I didn't

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Spesifik Item

  • Nama Merek: GASON
  • Bahan: Kaca Diperkuat
  • Fungsi: Test Kadar Lemak dan Air Dalam Tubuh
  • Tipe Pola: Solid
  • Bentuk Bagian: Persegi
  • Tipe Timbangan: DIGITAL
  • Titik Ikat Logam Timbangan Kesehatan: Tipe Empat Poin
  • Indikasi Berat Timbangan Kesehatan: DIGITAL
  • Nomor Model: S4
  • Rekomendasi Bobot Maksimal: 200KG
  • APP Name: Scale Up
  • System: Android/IOS
  • App Languages: 16
  • Bluetooth: 4.0
  • Data Measurement: 25 body data detection
  • Historical Data: Week/Month/Year
  • Add User: Unlimited
  • Measurement Reminder Feature: Yes
  • Target Weight Feature: Yes
  • Voice broadcast: Yes
  • App community: Yes
  • App display unit: kg / lb / st / st-lb
  • Weight: 1.3kg(2.86lb)
  • Size: 280*240*20mm(11.2*9.44*0.78in)
  • Display Unit: KG,LB
  • Scale value: 0.1KG
  • Battery: 3 AAA batteries (not including battery)
  • Electrode Chips: 4
  • Sensors: High-precision sensors*4
  • Maximum weight: 3~180KG
  • Package list: 1 x S4 Bluetooth Body fat Scale,1 x Manual
Deskripsi Produk

Welcome [Dropshipping] cooperation, A lot of stock.
About Features
(1)Analysis of 25 Physical Data(Body fraction, Body type, Nutritional status, Weight, BMI, Body fat percentage, Muscle weight, Visceral fat grade, Moisture rate, Bone weight, Basal metabolism, Fat weight,,Muscle rate, Skeletal muscle weight, Moisture weight, Ideal body weight, Weight control, Fat control, Muscle control, Body age, Protein rate, Subcutaneous fat rate, Fat loss. ...)(2)The App supports 13 firmware languages:English / Russian / German / Italian / Japanese / French / Polish / Portuguese / Spanish / Vietnamese / Arabic / Korean / Simplified Chinese / Traditional Chinese (3)Community:Post updates / sharing / interaction / dating / likes / discovery / health information(4)Other features:Voice broadcast, weighing reminder, unit switching, target setting, sync phone, add members, generate PDF graphic report(5)About protectionThe product is covered by the unconditional 30 days return policy. If there is any quality problem within one-year after-sales service period, we will provide a new replacement for free.

Start App, intelligent voice operation guide, easy and fast operation

25 health data, let you intuitively understand your physical condition10 firmware features help you use the app faster

Health data sharing with one click, let more people see your transformation(Social Circle/WhatsApp/facebook/instagram/WeChat/QQ)

Fat and thin standard - fat rate
Compared with the simple measurement of body weight, the fat rate can better reflect the degree of obesity in our body. For the same height and weight, two people with high fat percentage will generally look fatter than those with less fat.

Measuring body fat - BMI
Internationally, the BMI physique index is currently the commonly used standard for measuring body fatness and leanness. It is judged whether it is obese by body fat and carries out targeted healthy fat loss exercise.

Set your target body fat, and look at the current distance from your target weight after each weighing.

Daily report, weekly report, monthly report, 3 sets of data draw intuitive curve tracking

1 scale for the whole family to enjoy unlimited user data and storage

"Scale Up" APP USE Method
IOS: Apple Store Search for "Scale Up" Download.Android: APP store search for "Scale Up"download . QR Code:Please scan the QR code for quick download.------------After the installation is complete, please turn on the phone Bluetooth function.Standing on the scale surface automatically connected to Bluetooth, when the display shows the number 0000, that is, Bluetooth data transmission is completed. ------------Tips: Please do not wear shoes to use the product, this can not detect fat data.
Why there is an error for the first use?
When first used or moved away, the electronic scale will be automatically tested and weighing datas will be biased. Right datas can be available when used after shutdown.
Why hte weighing datas are biased on different grounds?
As Gravity Sensor Principle is used in electronic scale, it must be weighted on solid and flat ground.
Why the datas are different at different time on the same day?
It's supervised that weighing datas will be naturally subject to metabolism, diet, exercise, clothes and other facts from day to night.

  • 5 Bintang 85%
  • 4 Bintang 7%
  • 3 Bintang 4%
  • 2 Bintang 1%
  • 1 Bintang 3%
4.7 / 5

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