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Komputer Arcade Joystick PC Street Fighting Game Controller USB Gamepad untuk Windows XP Win7 Win8 Win10 Plug & Play Gratis driver

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Diperiksa oleh Mxxxt (US)
Description, service and shipment ALL five stars. Item not recognized when plugged into my W-8.1 system R1 button outer ring missing! R2 button smashed down UNDER its housing (the hole it sits in) Round handle on shaft ALMOST broken in half! I will not bother trying to obtain some sort of 'resolution'. It is a PAIN IN THE BUTT, having to jump through so many hoops. Tomorrow in my birthday, so I am giving my self a present by just not dealing with the aggravation of trying to FIX this_ not worth it. Almost 70 here, and too old to bother any more! Every time I have had something like this happen, I have to PROVE I am not a frack-en cheat or liar. They (companies) ask for PICTURES, some even ask for VIDEOS!!! It's just not worth having to PROVE my self ... sigh. Happy Birthday, Me!

Can this be directly plugged into android phone using OTG cable and play?

I dont know, sorry. I have connected to PC and it works perfectly

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Spesifik Item

  • Nama Merek: NYGACN
  • Kompatibel Merek/Model: SONY
  • Sony Model: playstation3
  • Tipe: Joysticks
  • Paket: Ya
  • Nomor Model: NJP308A
  • Jenis Antarmuka: USB
  • Platfrom: computer, Android
Deskripsi Produk

Komputer arcade joystick PC street fighting game controller USB gamepad untuk Windows XP Win7 Win8 Win10 plug & play Gratis driver


Produk Ini Cocok Digunakan untuk PS3 Komputer, Android

Dikombinasikan Dengan Teknik Yang Sangat Baik Desain Nyata Pengalaman Interaktif.
Dukungan 12 Simulasi Kunci: Bawah, Kiri, Kanan, R1, R2, L1, L2, delta, Ling Apa Itu-
Dukungan Usb1.1/2.0
Memiliki 4 Sumbu Arah 8, 8 Independen Tombol Fungsi.
Mendukung Pilih, Mode Mulai Tombol Fungsi Standar.
Dukungan Turbo Dengan Clear2 Tombol Fungsi Khusus


Parameter teknis:



Pengendali model





Platform yang berlaku



Komputer, android untuk PS3

(Tidak dapat digunakan pada ps2)



Fungsi dasar

Model Digital + simulasi model

Antarmuka tipe

Kabel USB koneksi


Produk berat

: 709g

Ukuran produk

30*16.3*10.5 cm


Tombol fungsi


Joystick control + 8 azimuth lima operasi kunci kontrol



1 controllers2 gamepad3 joystick4 pad5 game controller6 controller7 game pad

  • 5 Bintang 95%
  • 4 Bintang 0%
  • 3 Bintang 0%
  • 2 Bintang 0%
  • 1 Bintang 5%
4.8 / 5

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