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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for es pita
I was a bit sceptical in the beginning about ordering clothes online. I chose an option of custom size. Fantastic seller was really communicative and made my skating clothes according to my description (thank you seller!). Well sewed in a quick time! Material is great with fleece inside (it is a thin material but if you are planning to actually skate and not stand in one place it is the product for you). I highly recommend seller!
Very good product, exactly like picture, it is very well made, it has perfect sewing. The undergarment and skirt part is made of lycra, and the top part is made of stretchy thick velvet so it is not translucent at all. I ordered size L and would recommend for a slim 12-14 year old girl, fabric stretches and molds to body. It does not have many rhinestones so I suggest to add some more if you are looking for a more shinny dress, the chest and back rhinestones are perfectly glued and the neck rhinestones are sown, both are very secure and doesnt seem they will come off.