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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for ipad kasus untuk 10.5
Looks very nice and the stand functionality is quite cool.. The auto-sleep/wake works too.. A tiny niggle (not a big issue) is that the cut-outs for the mics and others are not very precise and don't have perfect finishing. Still, very nice purchase, as an initial opinion.
I just loxve this case for my new iPad 10.5 I love the color but more importantly it has a holder for my Apple Pencil. I also like how the cover wraps around the back forming a triangle that locks in place magnetically so you have a very handy stand. You can also turn the pad around so the triangle is at the top so the tablet is almost laying down, this comes in handy if you're typing while the tablets on your lap or even a table top. The cover shuts the iPad off which is a great feature.
fast shipping on time for these i pad case,the package is pack well,the case fit my i pad perfectly,very slim and light weight design,and i love the detachable Bluetooth keyboard.Love it so much.
Nice and well made case, it does protect the iPad and holds it well. The only thing is that the pencil holder is a bit tight and I'm afraid that it can damage the pencil in the daily use, when you need to put it in and take it out. Very fast shipping, I recommend the seller.
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