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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for ipl
The hair is heavy, bothered for many years, did a lot of homework, compared several brands, and finally chose this, valued its energy relatively strong, slots, delivery really super slow, and so on for a long time, receive goods, out of the mouth outside the wear, there are scratches, the outer table is very rough, shake will sway, Turn over the comments, as if there are these questions, the customer service also said that it does not affect the use, but it really affects the mood ah, so expensive, alas, bear, only hope that the effect do not let me down.
The second time I used it today is 3 files, which has a very light sting. It is very similar to the experience before in the beauty salon. The steps are the same. After looking at the effect of self hair removal, I want to make my Mao Mao Mao legs beautiful.
It is used to evaluate, really good use, I use a brand of facial gel to make face, finish the face tight, neck necks are also weak, good instrument with good products will have better effect. I like this baby very much. It doesn't need to go to beauty salons.
The effect has effect and effect, the important thing to say three times, import function really good, feel can penetrate into the skin most inside, and help to absorb, the face is also tight, early know that the baby does not go to the beauty parlor to do the ultrasonic knife, to the beauty parlor is really too burning money, this time really bought a good baby, to grow. To be long this time, it should grow long. It's time to stick to it and no longer go to the beauty parlor.