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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for jianwu pen
Perfectly awesome... and, it came with a gift! A beautiful Doraemon pen! . Super fast shipping too. I wasnt expecting them until late June or early July. Happy early birthday to me! So very happy. And seller is so very nice, as well. Highly recommend
Red pen not included, which was quite a disappointment, but the QUALITY! Oh my, I don't remember if I ever had any pens which were as pleasant to work with as those. Very soft, colors are vibrant, they dry fast. I wish there was more color choices!
Very fast shipping to Germany and the products are original, made in Japan of very good quality! The seller also send me a little gift! a very nice detail! I highly recommend his products!
Exactly as described. Due to a holiday it took some day's to ship the product even though he tried to ship it earlier. Every time I asked for something, he quick and kindly answered to me. These pens are great, they're waterproof when dry in paper but they aren't when dry in plastic, laminated paper and that type of materials, the pen is great for making thin lines and also thick lines with one simple tip, works great for manga and comics.
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