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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for kailh kunci switch
Ordered Jun. 23 2018. Received Jul 04 2018 in Germany with standard ali express shipping. The order was reasonably well packaged, included one extra switch and a plastic key cap puller. Would gladly order again.
Thank you, all ok. Just to let you know. These keycaps are not as thick as f.e. Vortex Core original keycaps. Led light goes through them, not very bright, but you can see it. Sound is more dampened, especially high tones. I do not know why, but also switch feedback is little less obvious. I recommend this seller. I tried to buy from other one, and experience was not great. I will order more keycaps from this one, also shipping is very fast.
Received 110 Kailh Pinks and delivered within the given time frame as described, this comes with an o-style key puller if you need to remove keycaps! (May not apply for lower switch quantities) If you desperately need a linear keyswitch you can always grab a spare Kailh pink and remove the click bar inside of it.
Great deal on a switch tester. Always wanted to try out some different Gateron switches, and this tester is quite nicely made. Would recommend. The included translucent keycaps are a nice touch.
Great for Gaming, Great for Type, Looks Beautiful,I love the PBT keys. I love that I can bottom them out for that tactile bump that I love with mechanical keys . I went through a lot of different keyboards,this is mostly gaming oriented. I have to say this one has the greatest feel of all that I've tried (Microsoft, Logitech, Razor). God! It feels so good to type on. That and sound makes me feel like I'm doing important work - even when writing a review on Aliexpress .