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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for keyboard laptop
This product complies with the description, photos and videos. The seller has fulfilled this order is very good. The item I liked. I wish him good health and his family, and to all who read this review. See you next time!
A keyboard has been ordered . It is the same like on the picture under a description part, well packed and looks even better 8-) Shipping is really quick , I 've got it in less than 12 days 8-) I strongly recommend this store.
Seller: 5/5 Very friendly and responsive, answer all your questions usually in less than an hour. Although the item is well packaged in thick plastic, the box of the keycap were slightly damaged, but those are unavoidable. Shipping: 5/5 Faster than expected. Usually from China to Malaysia will take about 25 days, but this time i received the item in about 13 days, thumbs up for that. Item: 8.5/10 Pros: - Good keycap set for the price - Contain 152 keycaps, which is the most number of keycaps i have seen in a set for this price - Will fit most custom and pre-built keyboards - Dye sublimated, above average quality PBT plastic, neat font use on legend Cons: - The thickness of the keycaps are inconsistent, especially those larger than 1U - Does not 100% fit tada68 and GK64 layout - Light bleed on yellow keycaps Suggestion: - Should have 4 novelties instead of 3 (Can be use on media keys) - Wire keycap puller should be included
Very nice! Fast shipping only two weeks. Case feels really solid for the price you are paying. Came with the raised rubber legs and some lower that you can glue on
I am very satisfied with this product. The Cherry MX Brown switches feel great! The keyboard feels very responsive and I love typing on it. The seller had great communication and the keyboard arrived in only 3 weeks which was much faster than the 60 days I was expecting. The keycaps feel very solid and are smooth to the touch - the letters do not have any bumps. I love the look of the white case and white + grey keycaps! Nothing bad to say about this board.
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