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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for kid sleep wear
Nice product, it takes some time to tinker with it to reveal its full potential. My kid loves it. Tip, before you put in your own sim card, first unlock the sim in a normal Phone and disable the lock otherwise you think the watch is nog working, but it is the sim card who is giving problems. Also disable voicemail of the simcard because you can not listen to the voicemail on the Phone and when the Phone rings only three times because of voicemail taking over, your kid maybe not here the ringing. Two full days on one power load is possible and indeed you can swim with the watch no problem. Would buy again.
The best watch I have found. I tested the Q90, Q528 and this one here. This watch has two very big advantages. 1- It is waterproof. 2- It has a much better display than the other ones I have tested. The TouchDisplay responds absolutely precisely. I can even enter a phone number on the display with my big hands. I have already ordered 3 watches for my friends because everyone who sees them and has children is enthusiastic. Great Quality!
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