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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for kitchen water antique
EXCELLENT!! I would give 6 stars if possible.. Great price, product exactly as described, looks and feels high quality. Shipped and delivered in only 5 days, packed carefully and professionally. I wish that was the standard with all stores. Thumbs up!!
It was my first experience with AliExpress and I was a bit skeptical because of ordering something in China when I live in France. But everything went perfectly and the product is exactly what I excepted. It took a few weeks but no more than expected either. Thank you and happy new year to Chinese people. Chloé.
The Faucet was as Described, but encountered a problem, came with the wrong cold water tube, that problem was solved immediately by their customer support team, and I received the right tube, installed and now is working as it was meant, please be mindful if you purchase the Customs will charge you 28.50€ duty fee, in Portugal any item outside European Union that is valued equal or more than 22€. But the quality & the craftsmanship is there please be careful if you installing it as this is anodized coating, please be extra careful about it. Very satisfied.