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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for pisau tikus
EXCELLENT item for the PRICE, good RAT knife with Ontario RAT model 1 in mind as inspiration. Thicker and wider blade, same length than Ontario RAT 1. about 3mm wider handle about 4mm longer handle stainless color screws Position of "buttons opening helpers" differs of several millimeters, but same functionnality. Overall look and proportion are very close. As a result, more weight ! Weight = 169g for this knife (148g Ontario RAT1) If I were very persnickety about metal work, I would say lock mechanism is not the same finish, on details than Ontario but nothing to complain about. Advise : unscrew the clip and place it at the very end of the handle. Feels much more comfortable to me. Very long time waiting for delivery. It took 55 days for item to reach my place... 13days in comparison with other sellers logistics method. (comparison from the same day of purchase).