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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for pisau mempertajam
Excellent product! A great design improvement over my prior sharpening unit. Makes sharpening blades very fast and accurate. Very pleased with the quality and fast shipping. I highly recommend this product to others who want to sharpen knives at the right angle and do so quickly.
Overall this a great no frills product that works rather well. Very similar to a KME system but allows me to use my edge pro style stones. I like it, shipping time was fairly long but that was expected, stones came in good shape, no written instructions included but they weren’t needed thanks to the product video. I’m using this with stones I purchased from gritomatic and am happy I got it.
Nice quality , should be some print instruction. Very fast delivering. Finally I have got what I want to make my knives professionally sharp. It’ll be better if seller offer 4 stones kit as an option.
This thing is awesome, assembled it in a little under 7 minutes sharpen my knife razor sharp in 20 minutes. If your looking for something to sharpen your knifes without spending $180 for the real thing this is it. Diamond Stones are high quality and work very well.
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