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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for korea lipstik
I really like the color. It's unique and gothic. It makes my lips look pale which is really cool! It is paler and more gray than the image, but that's what I wanted. I saw the photo reviews and knew what to expect. I will say, be careful not to get it in your mouth, because it's a little grainy. However, it is waterproof, and it smells good. Good deal!
It works like it's intended if you know how to play around and make it work. Applying it straight on won't give you a natural gradient like it says. I've tried using it, really the colored side is lipstick and the noncolored side is clear gloss. I tilt the lipstick in specific ways when apply to give me my desired result, usually I tilt more to the lipstick part on my inner lip and then tilt to the clear gloss side to blend it out. Good product, I actually really love how it looks. It makes my lips look pretty plump and juicy, and the gradient and color is very pretty. I already ordered another of a different color.