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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for ksun
...just bought it, because i like it´s flat design and price. when studying the spec´s, somehow i knew, that 5W at one-cell battery (3,8V) is just a wishfull thinking :) the battery it´s self , with more than 4000mA/h - puh - 2500mA/h are more realistic - we´ll see... the most i wonder about, WHO the ??? put a sticker on the package, THE CONTENT MAY NOT FULLFILL THE EU blablabla??? ok, the radio: looks great, feels good :) searched soft (radtel T18 v1.15 or chirp) reading with usb profilic and K-wood cable. changing the "strange" frequencys, no Hi/Lo option to set, chirp says it´s Hi, back to radio. battery off and wondering what´s written on: 7,2V 4800mA/h (hahaha) AND on same sticker 4,20V! in fact, i can not read chinese, a voltmeter says 4,2V at fully charged. radio-sticker says 5W, powermeter says 2W output. rx, mod and nf are better, than expected. -> great, well working radio. i would really like to know, what if...? a 7,2V battery powers the radio?