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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for lcd layar proyektor
Dealing with this store and the seller Yousif has been an excellent experience, with very knowledgeable help with my technical queries when choosing the screen, and very fast responses to all my communications. The screen was a little slow in shipping, due to difficulty with Yousif finding a shipper to handle a 120 " screen, in a 3m. long box to Thailand. DHL eventually took the order, and delivered it under 7 days. The screen was well packed, and the box is well reinforced at the corners to protect the screen in transit. The screen operated perfectly on testing with both wired and wireless remotes, and the WFFG Screen I ordered produces a lovely, bright picture with a great viewing angle. The mounting brackets ordered with the screen hold it perfectly on the wall, and will allow the screen to drop down in front of a flat screen tv sitting flush against the wall. The electric motor powering the screen is smooth and quiet in operation. A highly recommended screen and vendor!