Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for led panel strip
Item was exactly as described. A few things to note that weren't mentioned in the description: - The dimmer beeps when a button is pressed - The M button switches between brightness levels from 10% to 100% in increments of 10% - You can't tap the brightness "circle", you have to swipe your finger around the circle for it to work
9 days to NL extreme quick delivery. Panel is lightweight flexibel and extreme bright. I had to cover the panel while testing and was still blinded, my eyes had to recover.... phew.... The separate powercable in the middle is mandatory because if you don't use it, only half of the panel will light up. The extreme brightness when full power makes the panel very versatile. I already love it! Recommanding product and reseller
This is my second order. No complaint at all about the leds themselves : super bright, color rendering (4000K NEUTRAL white) does EXACTLY match to the description, affordable (1,70 euro piece on march 2018). ATTENTION ! An heatsink must be used with those boards because they dissipate a LOT of heat (about 60 C°) !!! Unfortunatelly very very slow delivery for this current order it is really pitty :-(
LEDs have arrived to Moscow in 10 days only! Very smart solution to pack them inside two strong PVC pipes firmly fixed together. Fragile content came in perfect condition. It is not tested yet, but later I shall let you know about it. It was sent with minor delay explained by well packing. It's really great. Many thanks to the seller for nice care and my best recommendations!