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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for led rgbw tempat
Very fast delivery - 10 days. Bad packaging - original individual boxes are packed in plastic bag only, without any soft protection. As result - all individual boxes were damaged. I checcked bulbs - at the moment they switched on, in the future - will see...
Do not know if the bulb is actually 15W since its not written anywhere on the bulb or packaging. The smooth lighting effect needs work and jumps from color to color but overall satisfied.
I saw this new style moving heads with a ring of light around it. There are many types and this is 109 dollar, and it is the cheapest I have seen. 2,5 times more, with 3 rings and gobo show I also seen. This 109 dollar unit is really bang for the buck! Seems reasonably well built, and functioning 100%. It competes with similarly priced 60 watt gobo moving heads. This one is bright and colorful and fun! For the mobile DJ on a budget, 2 of these paired with a SUNY laser in the roof and a couple of par cans with hex LEDs, will be perfect, and punch well over its price! There is better out there, but for the price, this is a definitive winner! Customer support was also good here! Attentive and helpful! Thumbs up for Shehds store, and this product!