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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for led strip
Good quality and very bright led strip. But no 12w/m - this about 24w/m on 12v. Short piece on 81 diods consume 20w and shows the brightness about 1700 lux on smartphone (my 6w led bulb have 540lux). This hot, so installation in the profile is required. 4000k is very good colour for eyes I like it. Regards to seller, fast contact and good deal.
Very nice color and much better color rendering than cheap leds. They are VERY powerful when powered with 12V (only 47ohm resistor is used per three leds). Consequently they get very hot when powered with 12V and must be powerd from both ends to reduce voltage drop. I'm driving them using 10V and then they are perfect.
I had to cut off the end to connect to the driver. Cable colors were not the same as LED colors (Black cable = V+, Blue cable = R, Green cable = G, Red cable = B) I can recommend this cable, I was satisfied.
I received not 1m LED strip, but join with solder 2pcs strips at 0.5m. Between LED's in soldering place is gap - 5mm. It is 5 times bigger gap as normaly between LED's. Why seller do not send 1m continuous strip?
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