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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for mac buku sentuh
Product arrived and was exactly as described! I’m very happy with it! The seller wrote to confirm that I got it and to check if I had any problems. Which I did as the keyboard doesn’t fit, but it’s being resolved now.
Very good quality especially for the price, definitely recommend buying instead of wasting your money on expensive ones in store. Also didn’t realise but it comes with a keyboard and scree protecter
This is the second 7" monitor I purchased, this one for an Octopi running Octoprint. The first one was for a secondary display for GoPros and DSLRs. It works out of the box on a Windows PC. At this time, I did'nt test it with a Raspberry, as the printer is printing the enclosure for the monitor ! It draws 0.6~0.7 amps from an USB power supply, and 0.1~0.2 amps when it is turned off However, two minor design issues (in my opinion) : - the ribon cables comming from the LCD screen are short : 5 or 10 more millimeters would make the enclosure design far easier ; the PCBs have to be back to back with the dosplay, and very near to. - the micro USB connector (for the touch interface) is on the wrong side of the PCB. It should be inline with the ribbon cable. Doing so, the USB connector could be side to side with the video inputs and the power connector This being said, it is a great device !