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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for megalith men
This is my first Aliexpress order, and though you have to wait (or I had to) for 6 weeks for the product to arrive, you get it for a fraction of the price you pay elsewhere. This is a high quality watch that can also serve as a present since it comes with a nice pouch in a light grey colour. It is not too big and can also be worn by women if you like bigger watches. The blue - brown colour combination is awesome. I really love these colours and the shiny blue looks very luxurious. The band is genuine leather and smells like it, too. You can hear the watch ticking if that annoys someone. But the watch is very precise and has some extras that I do not really need, but they look nice. There is, for example, a calendar and a stopwatch, too. All in all, I love this watch and will probably not give it away as a present, but keep it to myself!