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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for men bodybuilder workout shirt
great tshirt. very good quality. fast delivery. Too bad they don't have many options with quotes and colors. Their XL is like M in eu. fits me great (close to skin). it is not a 100% cotton. it is a lil bit elastic, but that's good if we talk about gym tshirt. it is not a 100% polyester. it is cotton + few % of something elastic. material is not thin, looks and feels very good. letters are rubberish, not printed. so propably they are not so durable. but still, for me, this tshirt is a great buy.
its a great product. It fits wel for someone my size and weight. im a bit ubderweight for my length so it isnt slim fit on my body but for someone who is more build it would be more slim fit. Happy with te product and seller! Thankyou!!
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