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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for mi notebook pro
received, installed and working! the quality feels different but definitely happy to have my keyboard functioning again. little note: dont throw away the 2 stickers coming before the keyboard when you dissemble it. this replace doesn't cime with them and im sure they are relevant! they should include them...
I am really delighted with my purchase. Awesome product that exceeded my expectations. It is a pity that AliExpress has such a inept dispute resolution process that bad sellers are able to proliferate and tarnish fantastic sellers with great products such as this one.
The Laptop is in an amazing condition and there was no dents on the inner white box or on the laptop itself. You can check video reviews on YouTube for the laptop. My only concern is that it took sometime to get shipped, which the saller described later that it's in another facility, but hopefully they can improve on that. Thank you and I'm glad that I did business with you.
Hi, I bought the size for 15 inch macbook pro 2017, and it fits perfectly on MacBook Pro 13 2015, as I want. (MBP 15 2017 is a little bigger than 13 2015). Good seller, thank you.