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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for mini tripod
Received this product in 3 1/2 weeks to the East Coast of the US. It was shipped in a bubble envelope and was in good condition upon arrival. The item is not the sturdiest monopod foot, but it does the job and isn't terribly heavy. I'd order it again whenever it eventually breaks. It works with my MeFoto tripod, which converts to a monopod. The foot of the MeFoto monopod section has a larger ring at the bottom so it cannot fit into a monopod foot that is the receptacle type--but it does fit into this one because this item has a 3/8" screw that goes directly into the monopod end, once the rubber tip has been unscrewed. It allows for the monopod to be locked vertically or loose where the monopod can rotate. The rotation is smooth. The locking mechanism is not very secure so the camera would have to be held still. Light stabilization, that's what you get here.