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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for cermin sinar matahari
Initially received the item broken. I contacted the seller about the package. Seller was very responsive and they sent out another one immediately. I had requested that they label the package as fragile. That may have helped with the second shipment. Package arrived whole. Thank you
Product is absolutely beautiful! The beads on the side are a bit fragile, and can easily fall off, so you have to push in on the arms on the back a bit to tighten them in place. Also, the silver-plating or whatever it is that is in the stand looks as though it may flake off over time - I’m not totally sure about that, but it is a breathtaking piece! I was also very pleased with the packaging during shipping - it was wrapped in tissue paper, in a plastic bag, it then had a piece of cardboard inserted around it into a box, that was also put into another box, and completely wrapped in some type of packaging tape all over. It was a bit of doing to try and get through all of that packaging, but it arrived all in one piece! Part of one side looked like it might be bent in a little, but overall I am very pleased with it. It certainly display beautifully for a wedding, or any lavish event!
The Cake stand was exactly as described, just beautiful. It arrived very quickly and was packed very securely. I will definitely be ordering from this Company again. Thank you so much.