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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for mjjc snow
This thing works great on my kranzle 2160ts. Although I added quick disconnect myself. Another thing I would recommend switch to 1.1mm orifice available along for thicker foam. Below are the images. Rest good seller fastly shipped and recieved.
High quality foam lance. Produces nice thick foam with only 100 ml of car detergent (i use kimicar) and fill the rest with water. If i`m a little economical i can wash two cars with one bottle. I was really impressed with this item: it`s heavy and robust, well built, nice finish, the bottle is made from thick and hard material even the little hose that picks up the detergent is made from good material. It comes with everything you need even tape and well translated instructions. I bought some adapters, a spare mesh filter and 1.1mm orifice nozzle so i can use it with both my bosch aquatak 1200 plus and a gas powered pressure washer with the 1.25mm nozzle. I`m glad that i ordered this instead of those that are just a few $ cheaper. This is well worth the money and more...