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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for ms speaker
This item was very accurate to description, the seller was very friendly and understanding and has provided excellent communication and very responsive shipping, the item took less then two weeks to come to New Zealand, this product is highly recommended and he seller has been by far one of the best and easiest people to deal with, you won't be disappointed :)
Great screen, amazingly small and lightweight with built in speakers. Works really well with PS4 and Samsung Galaxy S8 via Dex adapter. Powered by USB-C and works with a power bank. shipped with USB & hdmi cables, stand and screen protector
The monitor is very light weight. It about 400 to 500 gram. Very good color accurate. A bit light leak at the corner but not a problem. The brightness a bit weak, not for outdoor activities. The default menu is Chinese but it can change to English. The seller very good communicate. Shipping fast from factory. Overall very satisfied. My bed setup looks super great.