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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for multimedia size
I really like this radio and recommend it. I would upload a shot of it installed, but for some reason the website is rejecting the photos. This is not my first Android car stereo and this one exceeds the one that I put in my other car. The screen is sharp and clear. The interface is responsive and fast and I have had no trouble with loading applications on the radio. The apps that I use a predominately media players such as Slacker, Spotify & Pulsar and navigation tools such Waze & CoPilot. I don't like the default launcher and installed Car Web Guru in its place. Now the interface looks good. My car is an XV Crosstrek and all parts including the vent pieces installed quickly and easily. The vendor was extra cautious to ensure that the right frame and connectors were shipped. There were some installation issues, but the store was helpful resolving them. As a bit of an advice, a wiring diagram and basic instructions would have reduced frustration and support requests.
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