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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for notebook win10
Product functions fine, but i took quite some time to find the right driver to install a com-port in windows 10: the sites of supplier and producer are rather chaotic. The drivers on the included CD didn't work for me.
The Laptop is in an amazing condition and there was no dents on the inner white box or on the laptop itself. You can check video reviews on YouTube for the laptop. My only concern is that it took sometime to get shipped, which the saller described later that it's in another facility, but hopefully they can improve on that. Thank you and I'm glad that I did business with you.
Super quick delivery. 15 days to get to NZ, and wasn't held up in customs (as in, no duty tax). Works well for everything I need it to do. Be aware the processor is its limiting factor when it comes to speed and it does max out very easily, but like I said, it is fine for watching videos, listening to music, web browsing, and typing documents. (But I wouldn't recommend doing it all at the same time). Also, when it first came it would not let me install windows in English, not matter what I tried it had to be in Chinese. After finding where to download the English Language pack I was able to get it to work in English. There are still some sections of the operating system that appear with Chinese characters, but nothing that stops me doing what I need to.
The computer has superb design, image quality is even 4K great. The sound is good, especially with headphones. It's just nice to work with it. Very affordable, because there was no need to pay any additional fees. Everything is on a high level. I will offer and buy others at this store. Good luck for you. Kompiuteris puikaus dizaino,vaizdo kokybė net 4K puiki.Garsas geras, ypatingai su ausinėmis.Tiesiog malonu dirbti su juo.Labai prieinama kaina, nes nereikėjo mokėti jokių papildomų mokesčių.Viskas aukštame lygyje.Pasiūlysiu ir kitiems pirkti šioje parduotuvėje.Sėkmės Jums .
The note works well, windows 7 and microsoft office are on board, thow there are some unpleasant issues: the fan is working contantly with the same rather loud pace, touchpad has a slit on the right side, no bluetooth facilities. Nevertheless, it worth the money, for it works fast and the screen is eye-friendly. Shipping door to door to SPb takes 20 days.