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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for oven timer
The package arrived very fast and it was very well and save packed, see pictures There was also a very detailed instruction manual in de box easy to understand. You can easily stick the thermometer to a metal part of your oven - two strong magnets on backside of the thermometer - the probes cables are heat resisted, you can let them installed in the oven during the entire cooking process. Via the preprogrammed temperature setting the device knows when it needs to alert you when the preset temperature is reached. We did today a test to boil down cherries, we used only one probe, first we set the user-defined temperature to 75°C, after the alarm went off we activated the timer on the thermometer which we had set on 30 minutes. See the result on the pictures. So we are very satisfied about the 5 star delivery of the Petrainer & Thermopro Store We are also very satisfied of the performance, ease of use, ... of the Thermo Pro TP -17 Food Thermometer with dual Probes.