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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for p21w
The product is extremely bright. the back side is very bright. Increasing the view. I have a single light bulb in my car and there is a very good looking image. The product looks the same as the picture 48 smd.
Super fast delivery, super bright lights!! Feel really chunky and well made. So bright I’ve turned the brightness down in my car to 65%!! They look much more OEM at that brightness
Two white bulbs ordered. Seller did not sent items during order procesing time. I needed to extend procesing order time and to sent them a message, they did not respond at first, but when I said that I want to cancel order, they sent me right away. Bulbs are received, one is working properly, the other was dimmer and make buzzing noise. Once again I sent a message to seller and told about the problem, they did not answered again and I need to open dispute. Money for broken led is returned, and the led that is working properly is great, but the seller need to learn how to communicate with customers