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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for tiket kertas
Very special red print. I like the print quality. The roll I have used has a lovely deep red with varies in intensity which gives the print a more dramatic effect. The paper is slightly off white as well which is another bonus. Thank you.
Excellent print quality the blue is a very nice blue colour and prints consistently. Very, happy with this purchase and all my purchases with Yi Bai Nian Co. LTD Store. And Thank You for the bonus roll. I will buy again.
Works very well. Product arrived in 26 days to India. The app is in Chinese initially, but once installation is completed you can see english text. but some setting changes and other stuff still show chinese.
Excellent! And very fun! I do not know Chinese, but somehow I could set it up. I think that you can enjoy more if you have multilingual manuals and applications. The sending out of the shop was also really fast. It's a wonderful product, thank you so much!
Please note that it's the chinese version. you'll have to use the chinese app (english is available on this app), but you need to download it from chinese app store. Works great once you've installed it. And once installed, the north american app will work, but not first... Chinese app is better, you can do a lot more things... Seller is very helpful. thanks.