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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for mutiara liontin
As I said this Store has amazing items. This is definitely one of them. This pendant has the look of a very expensive piece of jewelry and 2 women were literally fighting over it at the last Show I attended.
This sold almost immediately when I displayed it. It honestly has the look of a very expensive piece. I have seen similar pendants in Sterling Silver at gem shows for $175.00 and I think that’s why this went so fast!
I only did receive my items yesterday, I say "onlyl" because the package has been arrived in France since 1 month before I got the package at home. Parcel in waiting at Roissy airport! I'd like to thanks the vendor in China that has been very reactive but I don't say same thing about customs in France! Necklaces very pretty and as described on the site, I'm very happy to get it at long last.