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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for playstation 4 pro controller charger stand
Working as expected. Good product. The fans are super quiet in operation. But the way the PS is made, most of the hot air is dissipated through the right side when placed on the stand. So the fans don't really play a major role in heat dissipation. And also the slots for the game disks are a bit small and on the loose side, so the disk cases loosely slide into them. The controller charging ports are working as expected, but the controllers won't charge if any silicon cases are put on them, though they will seem to fit into the charging port. Haven't yet tested the USB data input port. The stand is sturdy and overall well built, and will not move or topple if the PS takes a hit or is shaken. It looks pleasing aesthetically and really brings out the beauty of the PS and the Dualshock in the stand placement rather than laying them flat on the surface. Overall, a good product.