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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for qialino
You get what you pay for .... optics like notched leather, inner side nice and soft, openings perfect, for camera little bit to big, good protection around ... fast delivery, dealers anytime again :)
I'm very pleased, except it seems that the cover in it's lower and upper strip has 2 little and seperated vents in each side, that cover the little 11 holes (of the speakers??) in the lower strip of the IPAD, which are continuous and not seperated, and also in the upper strip of the IPAD there are 8 little continuous holes (of the speakers??) in each side that are covered with the same shape of seperated holes in the upper strip of the cover. I hope it won't cause any problems. please check it for me. thanks in advance Miki Balkanyi
Great case really good quality and fast shipment! This brand is now my first choice after original Apple cases! Thank you I am satisfied with your professional service hope we can do a deal again
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