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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for radio dua arah
The quality of the lecturer is very good, the feel is also very good, the material is very solid, no odor is fine, the call quality is very good, the call distance is far.
It is easy to get started, easy to operate, the shell is hard and resistant to falling, the signal is good, the call is clear and there is no noise, and the battery is durable.
I bought this UV-5R station because I still had a Btech UV-5X3 triband station purchased from the USA and I wanted to see the differences. Apart from the fact that the one in the USA was in another high-quality box, three bandwidth frequencies + one band antenna for 222-228Mhz and the charger has the printed manufacturer's inscription on the one applied by gluing, but the products are good quality, the finish is very well done. I also bought 2 more compact Diamond SRH805S antennas to replace the standard antennas Thanks ShiqunElectronics
The product is as described. For 13$ sounds good. Thx for the fast shipping. Seller sent the good with turkey post. So i got it in 1 week. Not wait too much bass from it :) 6/10 for the sound quality