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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for red white and blue pin
delivery was super fast within a week. on item had on broken pin the seller has put one extra in the package got 11 not 10. got the colors 2 * red 3 *white 2* green 2*blue and 2*yellow.
ordered 30 cherry mx brown switches to replace broken kailh switches on my poseidon z keyboard - everything works as expected. quick delivery - 17 days. seller added an additional switch and a keycap remover as a gift much thanks for the service :) ordered 90 more to replace all the remaining kailh switches
Ordered a bunch of pins from this shop! (see photo's). They were all good individually packaged in these small plastic bags (see photo's again). This is my favorite pin out of all the others. It's simple, yet elegant and it's conveniently small. If you're a fan of sakura flowers or flowers in general, this is the perfect pin for you! Ordering process overall: My order arrived pretty fast, the shop owner responded a question of mine within a day and everything was neatly packaged. So I'm very satisfied with the shop service, post process and pins!