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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for remote control motor skateboard
Nice controller board. This controller board is so smooth when accelerating, brakes with almost no noise and the remote control is so cute, very small and light (I was using a X-car ESC with a RC car remote control, pretty heavy, pretty big). I configured this board to use it with 6S. It can be set for 6S, 7S or 10S. There are 4 small soldering points near the buzzer. On two says 6S and on the other two 7S. It's easy: if you want 6S, connect the 6S points together with the solder. Same for 7S. If you want 10S don't connect any of them. The soldering points on this board were a little bit poor. I've checked all and redo the solderings to ensure everything works as smooth as possible. The seller forget to put the thermal baffle on the package, but we solved that with messages, so the seller communication was AWESOME. Nice work seller!