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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for rf433
Was problem with connection between the motor and power supply (The motor didn't work) because these wires identification are wrong on the motor and power block. At the present time all working well.
The arriving time was faster than expected . The seller was very attentive. I am very satisfied. Totally Recommendable. I have not tried the product yet. My idea was to buy more after having tried it but unfortunately the price increased a lot
I have bought 6 units (this purchase order represent 2 units only) and I have installed on my own so far 2 units and they are working just perfectly. I mention this simply to let everybody know how easy the installation is. The configuration in remote control for upper and lower limits, following step by step in the user manual, are straight forward. Motion is noiseless and stable. 100% recommendable. Later I will upload pics