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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for lingkup senapan
This scope is amazingly good for the money! The turrets have nice and solid clicks, de AO and power ring turn smoothly, the crosshair is very Sharp and thin and last but not least, the image trough the scope has a lot of detail and is really Sharp! I am a great fan of this scope.
if you dont want spend more than 150€ for a big scope this is the one .Robust and well built scope but milky and a little blurry from 24 to 40 magnification. You can not ask it to be as good as a 600€ ecope . you get that you pay.
Optics seem very good. Focussing a little sensitive at max zoom but that is to be expected. I am having trouble sighting it in so have some new mounts on order to try and rectify situation else I will have to use shims. Delivery was amazingly quick.