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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for sensor z gelombang
Used with a Vera Plus I added the device by selecting Sensors then Dome Motion Detector with Light Sensor DMMS1 model 4 devices added into Vera Generic IO Parent with on/off button & battery status & 3 child devices Motion Temp & Lux Sensor I used Z-Wave association with my light & the motion sensor for motion activated lights I set the Device Option parameters however the light was coming on in the daytime it wasn't until I set parameter #8 to a value of 1 it started working Lux level scale seems to be on the low side I was expecting the readings to be higher at lower light levels No mention of any parameters to do with the temp sensor in the user manual Temp sensor seemed accurate when compared to another one One problem at times in Vera the temp reads 0 degrees If I leave it for a while & look again then the temp reading it back as normal Motion detection on device seems good & the sensitivity can be adjusted The devices design & construction is good quality
It works fine with my z-way server. There is no documentation, so that is why I'm giving 4 stars only. With some z-wave knowledge it is pretty easy to set up...
The switch arrived in good condition and works fine. The internal light was placed in a wrong position. This could be corrected quite easyly. The only minus is that it is a bit to large for a standard mounting box.