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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for set for poker texas
The cards are great! I think the quality is pretty good, and they shuffle realy easy. The cards did arive very fast the first time. However one of the cards had a missing corner, whish is not realy usefull because you can identify the card from the back. The seller did send a replacing card, but it took realy long to receive it. And when it finaly came it appears to be a different card as well at the front size (wich is not realy beatifull, but i can handle) but as wel at the backsize wich makes the card recognasible as wel. I contacted them again with pictures and they promissed to send an replacing card again so i have still hope in the end everything wil be ok, but for now i'm more than 6 weeks further and don't have a proper product.
I purchased 2 boxes and the seller sent them within an hour. The shipment with a tracking number arrived in Israel within 3 weeks. Unfortunately, the boxes were not properly packed and damaged (they arrived crushed) on the way. Anyway, I'm pleased.